Monday, September 08, 2014

Grumble Grumble.

My toilet is leaking and the plumber has arrived. I'm going to have to make up an hour of work as I sit in my kitchen waiting... .

I have hypothyroidism. My doctor doesn't know why and she's not very interested in finding out. She wrote me a script and sent me on my way. Of course I've googled it, but it's left me with more questions. I am not over sixty. I don't have a history of this ailment in my family. I haven't had cancer or lithium or an autoimmune disease. Or do I? How do I go from healthy non smoking, hardly drinking... with good numbers and an avid exerciser to a thyroid that has basically shut down without explanation? I am still processing the facts. I still have questions...

I started the medicine this morning. I can't eat or drink for 1-2 hours after I take it. Coffee / Caffine is frowned on. I'm going to have to take this for the rest of my life... "Think of it as a supplement" says my GP, but I don't take any supplements and I hate taking pills. This is going to negatively affect my life or at least that's how I feel right now. I know I don't have cancer (at least I don't think I do) so I shouldn't be so dramatic, but it makes me a little pissed off.

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