Thursday, October 09, 2014

WHOLE 30 for 7 days and beyond

I never thought I would be happy for Monday, but gosh it was good to be back to NORMAL and be done with birthday week. Kids  at school; DH at work... Only one issue... The stove broke.

Dwight Schroot showed up - briefcase, uniform, same glasses, serial killer look alike... I had a bad feeling... he had NEVER seen an induction cooktop and I had to show him how it worked...I honestly wanted to ask him to leave, but he kept pushing ahead; manual out... The verdict after nearly an hour... "Keep using it and call back if it does it again, and if you call for service 3 x in a year they will give you a new stove.".. Yeah, thanks; I have ZERO confidence in your opinion, and could you please conduct your business out of my house? Seriously, his phone rang 4 times. He made a lunch date with some other repairman, scheduled 2 jobs and had a long conversation with the woman at his last stop who was still having issues with her fridge...I have my own pathetic job, and my house is NOT your office.  I just kept smiling and said nothing as I waited by the door keys in hand. I know the stove is under warranty, but what a waste of my time and to think that they actually charge people $120 for showing up! Whine.


I am wearing tight jeans again. It's not comfy and it's not very attractive. I think I should probably stop eating... BLAH. I started logging my food in FITBIT. It's not typically on my program, but I thought I would try it for a month or so and see where I stand from a calorie/nutrition sense. I know that dairy is a tough thing to give up entirely so I've decided to not eat it alone - no more slices or sticks or cups of milk, or containers of cottage cheese or yogurt; BUT I can make the quiche I like and use some cottage and feta. I can have a meatball with a sprinkle of parm. That's just for now... I have plans.

I am reading through the WELL FED 2 cookbook and I LOVE IT. I am going to choose some recipes and do some shopping, then I'm going to spend a week totally on program. (Whole30). If I can do a week, perhaps I can do a month? The week ahead is a good test since I'll be heading off to Kripalu for Saturday and Sunday for yoga, self help and good whole food. Seven days will then be 10,  I am getting excited to feel empowered again. I can't wait for these jeans to loosen up.

I feel a need to post some before photos. Stay tuned.

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