Monday, October 13, 2014


I've been getting my exercise in, but I've eaten some horrible-for-you foods - Jalapeno-Cheddar Popcorn of a color not found in nature, CHEESE (which I swore off of...), yogurt smoothies with too much sugar, lattes for no good reason; and I also made a pumpkin dessert from NOM NOM PALEO, which is all good for me, but let's face it - Coconut may be Paleo, but it's FAT.

sigh. Why do I like food so much?  I need a little hypnosis to stop the cravings, give me some mojo and help me focus on my goals.

Did I mention that my sister signed up for a half iron man and I'm already committed to a 10 miler in the spring? While I have little interest in doing the triathlon, I know I'll have to help out with the training and that means getting back in the pool and doing some big distance running and biking. My hip gives me so much pain that any added weight will compound the issue. I also know that if I were stronger, I would probably not hurt at all. I need to get a better attitude and not fear the workouts. I should probably not let my diet scapegoat me from enjoying the kick in the ass this will give me.

YOGA weekend is coming up fast. I hope I can like it... I want to like it. I really want to walk away with SOMETHING positive that fills me up.

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