Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trying to Get it Together.

I was looking for some inspiration and found it with Brooke Not On A Diet. She’s got quite a weight loss story and offers a lot to readers looking for ways to kick start a plan for action. I’m stealing her “31 day Squat and Push up Boot Camp". I started last night, and along with FitBit I now have a comprehensive – baseline of daily activity.  Certainly I *want* to do more – as in a detailed strength workout at the gym; swimming or spinning and longer distance runs, but this baseline plan will give me something to do every day requiring no gym, extra time, or thought for that matter. I JUST DO IT!

My food is so not thoughtful... Yesterday I ate a range of stuff and let dairy creep back in - a glass of milk, cheese, more cheese and the dreaded stupid FRO-YO. I convinced myself this summer that it was OK even though I know it's loaded with sugar and... I need to get a handle on my food. It is 90% of the maintenance equation. I have to go back to what worked and work it. I am frustrated with my emotions and impulsiveness. It is the cause of all my weight battles. I am considering therapy again. I am sick of spinning my wheels. 

I am SO anxious about going away this weekend. My teen has no plans (never good) and my other daughter has a horse show late Saturday afternoon so they can't really go anywhere for the day. My DH is a grown up. He should be able to parent without crisis, but I just don't trust that it will happen. DH doesn't have the patience with our teen and her issues, and he absolutely can't stand that our kids have lives that may interfere with what he wants to do - horse show. This is what makes me worry.  So much for a weekend of YOGA and meditation. I wonder if I'll be able to detach - I really want to not waste this opportunity. I really want to enjoy being away with my mom for her birthday and my sisters. 

I am going to think about ways to make it through without issues... I think I may resort to bribery with the teen. As for the husband - I hope he will allow me a break. I REALLY NEED IT! 

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Gwen said...

Hi there! :)

I'm sorry you are so stressed. I hope you will be able to make yourself a priority, and get the relief/calm you need.