Friday, October 17, 2014

Out of Here!

Going on a yoga retreat to "Silence the Inner Critic". I hope it works. This has been an awful week and I am stressed beyond belief. My teen daughter is not stable and refused to go to her therapist last night. Her newly pierced ear is infected and she's not cleaning it properly. I feel guilty for leaving her like this, but I know she'll be no worse when I come home Sunday, and maybe I'll be better equipped to deal with her issues without falling apart.

My youngest is jumping at tomorrow's horse show. I always worry that she'll get hurt. I pray she does well. She's such a good kid.

I really wanted to leave the DH on a positive note, but man -  he really doesn't get me. I hope he will pull it all together and have a good weekend for himself and the kids. I wish things were better. I just need to focus on how I react to situations because I can't fix him.

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