Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New plans...

Snow-mageddon approaches and the Turkey Trot is cancelled – for me anyway…Instead, I’m planning my own “trot” Thursday morning at the gym. No snow, puddles and cold because I hate winter and I am still not 100%. In fact, I am not even 60% as my condition has improved only slightly. I really hate being sick.

The DH is back from his weekend with the parents. I am SO glad that we didn’t go this year. It would have been painful and the kids would have been wrecked from the drive. 

My teen has had an awful week; falling back into habits I thought she had worked herself out of last year… She’s in contact with questionable boys and begging to hang at the mall again… These people are her “real friends” and she hates her school and everyone hates her…  All not true… It’s black and white thinking and it’s maddening for any reasonable person to deal with… I am anxious and feel like the last week, complicated by my own issues, has been spent trying to head off a major teen rage… It’s awful and it’s awful for the tween too. She has to be fine, let her sister steal her stuff, and not get upset… Mother guilt.

I will be happy to have some time out of work and a few days off from the school routine. I have to heal my body and relax my mind. I hope that we can be drama free.

Intentions for then next 5 days:
- 15 miles - walk or run
- Clean eating
- Pull out the Christmas stuff... 

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