Friday, November 14, 2014


Meeting my 10 K goal the last few days, but barely... I want to hit 25K tomorrow if it kills me. Eating on program, but eating too much. If it's possible to binge on salad, I have... to the point where I am feeling uncomfortably full. I'm a little stressed this week with all the ailments I've talked about and the foot problem my husband just won't get diagnosed. Is it because I am bugging him? I honestly think that it is. He hates anyone telling him what to do so I expect this is just one of the many passive aggressive responses... I don't think he has any idea how he an 80 man! So much for the prime of his life!

I can not be responsible and I need to stop being so irritated at his unwillingness to attend to HIS problems. I should be satisfied with my own issues and get irritated with myself.  There is so much more I could be doing!

For today, I'll meet my 10K goal, eat only "on program" foods, and make a plan for tomorrow. One day at a time!

Oh, and I am doing the TURKEY trot again this year (5 miles, Thanksgiving) and the local TURKEY Trot at our high school 11/22. These are my intentions...

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