Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Too Soon...

The weekend was kind of a blur. Saturday was busy and great exercise-wise. I ran pretty well, 5 miles with my sister, and felt great. I came home, changed my sneakers and raked the whole yard. My FITBIT registered nearly 23K steps by the end of the day!

My teen's play took place this weekend. It was a little long, but wonderfully staged and the kids did a remarkable job. There were 4 performances and I saw all but one (exhausting). My daughter is only 15 so I was a bit nervous about her going out after the shows, but that's my issue to work through; the kids in the theater group are awesome and I feel so happy that my daughter has found a comfortable place and a connection to her school. Since the weekend was all about the play, my husband had to pull some passive/aggressive behaviors which I did my best to address without attacking him or escalating the situation. I really want to explore ways to can communicate to him how his actions affect me and the kids and *hopefully* get him to start some introspection instead of isolating himself, getting angry and taking the "woe is me martyr" position which is his typical pattern.

I just wrote a long husband rant, but I've decided to keep it to myself. It feels good to just get it out!

Yesterday I was a slug - 7K steps was all I could muster. I folded a basket of laundry and let the dogs play together in the back yard instead of going for a walk. I was sore from raking, annoyed with the husband and exhausted from lack of sleep. I'm feeling much better this morning. Work today, off tomorrow and Wednesday. Cleaners come this week and the weather is supposed to be great. Here are my intentions for the next three days:

1. EXERCISE - 15K each day minimum
2. Food: plan 3 healthy meals, shop, chop & prep - so that cooking won't be a chore...
3. Make a point to communicate my needs, engage the kids, and keep a positive attitude.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving/Christmas are right around the corner... It's not my favorite time of year, but I hope to get some joy out of it and not wish my life away. For now, I'll enjoy the next three days of a typical schedule (not the crazy play week) and get myself back on a better more relaxed track.

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