Thursday, November 06, 2014

Small Daily Intentions...

Yesterday I set some intentions and this is how I did...
FITBIT GOAL EXCEEDED... because I knew once I got outside I would keep going and I did!

After my run I stopped at Starbucks to use the restroom. Since I had to buy something - I picked coffee (and just coffee). It was a Grande latte, but not Venti and it was made with skim milk. Back at home for lunch I had leftovers (pulled pork) and later made a good dinner - Tandori chicken thighs and roasted brussel sprouts (the butternut I was saving was rotten ...yuk.). I went through ZERO drive thrus! I bought my favorite herbal "Egg Nog" tea and drank 3 cups!

As for the "not so good"... 2 bananas with that blasted delicious sun butter (which my daughter now likes so I'm making her sandwiches every day until it is gone, and then I'll buy it no more...), and random healthy snacks I bought at the grocery store to *try* but ate without concern for hunger. I must say they were both delicious, so I probably won't buy them again right now, knowing I still need to lose about 10 lbs. Chobani's with steel cut oats - too sweet, had to cut it with plain yogurt (so I ate more than the serving), but yummy combination that I may recreate on my own. I also tried a Health Warrior Chia bar recommended at Runs For Cookies. It was dangerously good, but small so I'm thinking it would be a good "go to" snack in the car when hunger hits and the temptation to Drive Thru creeps in.

It's supposed to rain all day so getting my steps in today will be a challenge. I also have driving duties which means I'll be stuck in the car... grumble.

Todays intentions are:
1. Meet my FITBIT goal of 10K+
2. NO Drive Thru eating
3. Eat when hungry and follow either Paleo or Julie rules...
4. Do ONE strength exercise (20 squats, lunges, 45 sec planks...)
5. Have a conversation with each member of the household (2 girls, 1 DH - and that's not so easy!)

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