Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Wednesday and I am trying to get myself motivated for SOMETHING physical... I could (should) go spinning, run around the lake, rake the yard... I have to do something to not waste my day. I know I will feel better when it's over. I know it and yet the apathy just oozes through me and I don't know why.

Meh. I know I'm not particularly happy with the election results. I feel like the country is being overrun with crazy people. This is just an observation and not the reason for my angst.

The past three days have been an eating fest... Yesterday, for example, this is how it went. I ate a banana, coffee, and more coffee. Then I brought my daughter and her friend to Chick filet and had three chicken tenders, side salad and avocado ranch dressing. Next I got a large hot latte. I came home and ate a yogurt, 2 apples and tablespoons of sunbutter  (a brand I quickly realized has added cane sugar... it was good and I need to gather the strength to throw it out!). Two glasses of almond milk and 2 single servings of cheese and a slice of ham. I picked up kids and went to Subway for a chopped salad with double chicken and shredded cheese and an icecream cone at McDonalds (which I said was totally OK because it's only 170 calories). This pattern of eating has to stop TODAY! My intentions:

1. protien heavy breakfast (2 eggs, bacon) CHECK!
2. no large lattes only small... (it's a start)
3. no drive through eating
4. meals and using what's in the fridge.
5.15 K steps - it's a lot, but totally doable!

We've been eating a lot of Subway and cereal for dinner and that's not being a good mom so today I will try a new recipe - I really like Andie Mitchell. She's got a great attitude and her tastes are similar to mine. I may even buy her cookbook when it comes out... I have some chicken in the freezer, lots of winter veggies... I'm going to make something good that my kids will eat.

I can't sit around and wait for inspiration or motivation to just appear. I can't keep procrastinating and letting things pile up (like the leaves in my yard). Starting is the battle and when that happens I've won!

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