Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve...

I am SO glad I took today off. I needed to do the present assessment - who got what, who got more, and make sure I could find everything... I wrapped; and enlisted DH to help and together we finished Santa duty!  We picked up some holiday foods at Wegmans, had breakfast and now we are done. I wish so much that I didn't have to go back out with all the traffic, but the teen has a 6 pm counseling appointment and I have one more thing to buy at Whole Foods.... Fresh smoked salmon - such a treat and our annual contribution to Christmas dinner!

My mood has been --- EVEN --- no tears in days, the cold is still holding off and I pray that I will make it through the holidays in good health. My teen has had an awesome 7 days, just nice to be around and I hope it will be a lengthy period of stability. She's got so much good in her future. I hope she'll be able to use that to keep focus and work hard- especially on her grades.

My food and exercise have much to be desired. I haven't over eaten but I've tried to sneak food (ice cream) and it took all my will power to eat it in front of everyone without shame - own it; even though I knew it wasn't on my plan or in my best interest to eat. Once Thursday is done, I am back on the clean eating kick - may even start Whole 30 before the new year. I don't know if it's the prozac, but I have had ZERO motivation to exercise or even go out for a walk. If it weren't for my neighbor I'd be sleeping in... stupidly. I can't go backwards. I must reign it in.

My FITBIT died, but they're sending me a replacement. I think once I have it back, I'll regain some focus. I am also going to register for the 10 miler as well so I'll have something to plan for in my future. Direction is good. The journey is never over....

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