Friday, December 26, 2014

Pajama Day

Christmas is done. I am done. I ate with abandon yesterday and I'm paying dearly for it today. Add to that the remnants of a bad cold and, yeah... I'm feeling blah...

Today is jammy day, but I already know that I'll be spendng a lot of time in the car driving to the barn, friends, the mall... I guess we are passed the whole "stay at home and play with our toys" kind of day and that's sad. My youngest got no toys at all this year, not even a game!? She didn't want anything, but stuff for a horse.

I am definitely getting outside for a walk. I don't quite think I have it in me for anything else and we finally have a girls run planned for tomorrow... I can't wait to get back into a schedule. I can wait to get back into shape and feeling good. I've already had a few cookies, but I'm not waiting for tomorrow. I've decided to be done with the bad food. I am committing today.

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