Monday, January 26, 2015


I stress about stupid stuff like snow storms and my mother coming to spend the night(s) so she won’t be alone if this blizzard is as bad as they say it will be… When I stress, I eat. I know this is true of me and I have to do a better job of finding something else to do. I can’t continue to look to food. It just makes me fat. I have an opportunity to do better; make better choices... I WON'T SIT ON MY BUTT IN FRONT OF THE TV FOR 2 DAYS!!!

I wish I were traveling to a warm place this winter. I think when we get older I would like to just rent a house for a month in the Keys far enough south to be delightful and wait out the worst of the snow and cold. It's a nice dream...

For now I'll snap back into my life and plan on a pot of soup for dinner. Kids want popcorn and popsicles (yes, popsicles). I'm planning for 2 days... and then we better be back to business until Friday when they are predicting yet another storm. YUM.  

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