Saturday, January 03, 2015

Feeling Hopeful

Today I feel hopeful. The teen is away for the weekend and that lets the whole house sigh a collective relief from the stress of day to day life. I got up early to run with my sister and I just finished paying the bills which was really stressful for the fact that I spent with abandon for the last month. I wish money was not a factor in my life, but it is and probably always will be for at least the foreseeable future. Today it was OK and I'm hopeful we'll have a good month.

The new year has finally settled in. I am focused on my food and exercise. I have a goal to get to spin class this week. I have a goal to eat NO SUGAR - Fruit OK, Sugar NO. I have a goal to get real work done at work. All doable.

I am capable.

I am hopeful.

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