Thursday, January 22, 2015

There Will Always Be a Wagon Full of Girl Scout Cookies.

I threw out the last hunk of delicious homemade banana bread. I threw out an unopened bag of Ghirradelli chocolate squares. I went to spin and it was AWESOME. I set up my new FITBIT and not only wore it, but logged my spin class and all the food I ate yesterday. I had a latte, but it was skim. I made dinner for the tween and I. That's the good. I snacked ALOT - healthy, but eating everything... AND THEN the neighbors showed up towing a wagon full of Girl Scout cookies with my daughter home and we bought 2 boxes... and I ate a Samoa. It has been YEARS. It wasn't good. It was fatty, waxy pretend chocolate with a little crunch. I certainly didn't spit it out, but at least I didn't eat another. At first I got it into my head that the day was RUINED... But now I know it was just one cookie - what ev...

There will ALWAYS be a wagon full of Girl Scout cookies, or a birthday cake, or a drawer full of chocolate at work. The free will choice is mine - what will I do about it? For the last 2 years I've been able to say NO THANK YOU. I know it tastes good, I remember how it felt to eat it, but I chose not to put it into my body because I wanted something better. It's never easy, but I have to remember that I WANT SOMETHING BETTER. It's my choice to eat or not to eat.

On another note, the teen is causing me some angst. It's little things and then it's sneaky things and I am worried and stressed. I can't put my finger on it, but I trust that feeling intensely. This is the hardest job on earth!

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