Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Hypnosis Helps Because Fat is a State of Mind...

In December 2012 I went to Key Hypnosis.  Three sessions and $600 later I was a different person. I lost the urge to eat things; I lost interest in all things food. I wasn't on a diet - just followed a couple of rules and that was it. Slowly and without even realizing it... I lost the weight, surprising myself at a trip to the Gap where I slipped into a size 6 shorts. WTF? I remember  a spin class, reaching across my rib cage for a side stretch and the absolute shock that this was MY body... It was somewhat overwhelming. I had been fat for SO long. I spent hundreds, if not thousands on Weight Watchers and books and gyms and training and .... stayed fat... This time I trained my mind and was finally free from the obsession that ruled my life for so many years. I conquered my cravings and bad habits. 

In an interview with Julie Kibe, she explains her process:

"I teach them how to ... mostly I take away the large urges. I can't completely take away urge for sure because nobody can do that. But I can bring it down enough so that if the person says 'no', they can walk away. So what they start to learn over time is to walk away. And the more they walk away, the stronger it becomes easier for them to do."

Fat is a state of mind. You can't conquer fat without changing your relationship with food. 

So here it is 2 years later. I've made some lasting changes, but I can see myself slipping backwards, eating foods I haven't craved until lately, knowing it's not good for me. I've regained about 15 pounds (based on how my clothes are fitting), and I would like to return to a point in time where I could say no and not feel as if I were making the grand sacrifice. When I first started losing I would see desert and have ZERO desire to eat it. Now, if the DH orders tiramisu, for example, I want a bite. I'm actually salivating right now just thinking about it. I think a refresher with Julie would help me regain that control of NO again; so I can practice "walking away" and lose this weight... again. 

There is a wait list at Key Hypnosis and a limited number of refresher dates - March wasn't working and we'll have to see if April jives with our upcoming vacation. Eventually it will happen. I've saved the money and I am committed to it. 

Today I made it to spin. It was a good class, but I have to complain - WHY DO PEOPLE BRING THEIR DUMB PHONES TO CLASS!?? Can't you take 45 minutes to exercise without texting or checking or fussing with your calendar? It's a huge distraction to yourself and the people around you;  and quite frankly, it is rude to the instructor since you're obviously not paying attention..... Rant over.

I picked up the teen at school. She is sick with a cold... the end of the world for her... She's got a full weekend so I hope this is the worst of it and she'll start feeling better. I've got a little tinge in the back of my throat, but I'm just going to keep pretending it's nothing and hope it goes away. 

I'm going back to the gym with the tween after school. She's all into the fitness lately (since she has to fit into her show coat this weekend)so I'll be forced to lift some weights. It's the kick in the butt I need this week!

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Wendy said...

This was really interesting, thanks for sharing! I've never known anyone that had hypnosis before. What made you try it?

And - people in Spin (and other) classes with their phones - O.M.F.G. It is truly starting to make me crazy. I assume it's because they have little kids - ? Or is it because they are just *such* special snowflakes :D