Monday, March 02, 2015

MARCH and yeah...

- Not as productive as I wanted to be this weekend, but that's just how it goes.

- I went to a very crowded gym yesterday (I have no idea why it was SO busy) and did 4+ miles on the precor. It's not usually my thing, but I wasn't going to sit around waiting for a treadmill. My knee is feeling better.

- I hit 10K both Saturday and Sunday on the FitBit and I've decided to keep the streak going all month.

- It must be my time of the month because I am feeling so anxious, no patience and I hate everyone. I loathe my clothes, but I don't want to buy anything new with my weight where it is. I feel like it would be selling out!  I want to feel uncomfortable so that I'll DO SOMETHING!!  Why is this not working??... meh.

-I'm really sad about Boris Nemtsov. In my previous life I worked to promote reform in the former Soviet Union. Nemtsov was a rock star... Sad.

- I'm actually thinking about doing something for my future... taking a class.... I must be coming out of this depression.

- In spite of the 3 inches of snow that fell last night, the sun came out and it's bright and productive. Spring is coming whether you like it not Winter!

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Wendy said...

Great exercise! I was thinking about getting a FitBit, it seems to get people to move more.

I would like to hear more about your hypnosis, what it was like, how you found it, what affect it had, etc. Also, were you going to get a "refresher" session or something similar?

Glad the sun is out! It's MARCH! DST in less than a week, yay :)