Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spin Rocks...

Love Love Love Spin - especially this week because it was with my very favorite instructor. It was an awesome strong, heart pounding, class... and man, I needed it!  I'm still feeling tense but I'll get outside in a bit to walk, rake - just be physical and enjoy the sun. I am deserving of a good day.

Food still good... looking at my carbs and trying to figure out if I should start counting... and what would be a good number. Even without eating bread or starchy veggies I feel like 40 g / a day is really hard to maintain... but I'll have to see. Stay tuned!

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Wendy said...

YES! Congrats on the movement and enjoy the endorphins. Nothing like a class with your favorite teacher, right?

And, yes, 40 g/day carbs is HARD! For me, at least. Some people turn a corner and just throttle down on any/all/NO carbs, and that almost seems to work better, at least in terms of staying under the limit - like a limit of 20 almost seems less hard than 40, you know? That said, um, I personally ain't trying it, too hard! At least not today. GOod luck! Let us know how you do.