Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Set Backs are NOT Excuses

We all experience setbacks in our lives - a lost job, an injury, an unexpected repair... What we shouldn't do is allow them to serve as excuses for eating or slacking or not doing things we know we should. I woke up this morning and decided that I will not eat crap, and I will get my steps in no matter what...

Sunday after I posted I took the dog for a walk. It was a beautiful morning and I was listening to a podcast on developing strong self esteem. I can't remember who the speaker was - it was a Tedtalk - but I was completely engrossed and not paying attention and... BAM! I stepped right into a pot hole and fell without consciously realizing it. There was not attempt to cushion or brace and the pain was immediate and intense. I stood quickly and assessed; my dog completely confused. No problem putting weight on it; no issues walking or bending. As I headed home I could feel the pulse in my knee and the sensation of blood flowing down my leg. Once  inside I stripped off my pants and assessed the wound. It didn't look too bad, though it just wouldn't stop bleeding. What bothered me, however, was the tightness I started to feel and within a few minutes going up and down stairs was painful, as was sitting and standing.... Ice, Aleve, repeat.

It was stiff and sore all day at my sister's BBQ and I'm not going to lie - I considered Urgent Care. Fortunately my brother is a paramedic/nurse and my sister has had numerous knee issues and their assessment pointed to a bad bruise and not anything serious... It felt better over night, still stiff sore yesterday and about the same this morning. I have to go to spin tomorrow - which I will do no matter what, even if I adapt the workout to my level of comfort; probably no jumping or attacking... More important, I have to get adjust my attitude. Yesterday I was a slug. Although I did the laundry, I mostly sat on my butt watching TV in the name of "resting my knee". I was not very cheery and in fact, I was pretty mean most of the day. This can't continue. I was not "selected" for this accident. There is no one to blame. I can't feel sorry for myself or let a hurt knee affect my diet or my work or my relationships. I will stop feeling sorry for myself.

It's a new day. My goals for the rest of the week are:

1. Stay focused at work, on work.
2. Get up every thirty minutes and flex the knee, walk around
3. Sit up straight.
4. Focus on fresh veggies.
5. Take a break from the yogurt and also from cheese.
6. Make and eat healthy dinners, prep fresh veggies.
7. Be pleasant - let things roll... (DH is home "on vacation" this week so it could add a little stress since the rest of us are NOT "on vacation")
8. Continue to trust the process - Eat when hungry. Eat everything with a piece of meat. No fruit, No potatoes, rice or grains. No fake food. No sugar.

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