Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Will He Spin?

DH is "on vacation" this week, so I invited him to spin with me. I am trying to stop bugging him about his current state of health. It's not productive, it stresses and pisses me off, and I'm learning that no lasting change can ever come from me bugging him. Health is something he has to want for himself.  So if he shows up great. If he likes it, better. If he doesn't, oh well...

My mood has been a little off this week as well as my eating. Someone mentioned a lobster roll at a local diner and I finagled my way into getting there last night with the DH to have one (minus the roll). Craving satisfied - it was good, but then I also had a big bowl of yogurt when I got home, plus two pieces of lunch meat... I watched a lot of TV. What is up with me? The knee is feeling better - although I should have popped some Aleve this morning before spin. I'll take it easy for this class and I hope I'm ready to run by Saturday.

I saw pics from vacation and it was NOT pretty. I hate looking lumpy again...I know it was a month ago, but I honestly am not feeling much different - truth be told. I have to buckle down and embrace this journey. I know I can do it.

Eat only when hungry.
Eat meat +...

I hope this is just a slug phase. I've notice my girls acting equally apathetic and bitchy so maybe it's just our time of the month.... PLEASE...

SPIN usually makes me feel better.

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Wendy said...

Hope spin helped and you're feeling a little better!
Good for you for inviting/encouraging your hubs to exercise but without nagging. It can be a tough line to walk, because although it's his life/choice... it does affect you, too.
Re: wanting changes - yeah, I think patience is the most important element of any of these plans. It just takes time to turn the ship around in the harbor, esp when dealing with thyroid issues. Hang in there. Good strategy on the lobster roll! Lobster is full of good nutrients, too, on top of being delicious :)