Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Day that was Thursday...

Preparing to let out a HUGE sigh... What a day!  My efforts have yielded:

1. DH out of town for the week to help his parents.
2. Blood work ahead of Monday's Thyroid check.
3. Parent coach check in --- much needed...
4. Kids both at their respective activities (camp, lessons, job, therapy, group)
5. Work and dreaded end of FY15 activities.

Doesn't look like much when I write it down, but I've been up and on the move since 3:50 a.m.!!

I could not make it to Body Pump this morning, but since I'm off tomorrow I'll definitely make the 9:15 class. I considered a long morning ride with sisters since everyone is off for the holiday, but I'll do that regardless (Saturday) and this is my only BP option. Spin was great yesterday and I'm psyched to have accomplished 2 weeks in a row!!

Food is not stellar. I ate onion rings last night and had slightly sweetened (albeit Organic) iced tea Wednesday... I am also snacking on blueberries, but I don't consider that too bad...

Hoping the kids will be in good states through the next week - I could use some stress free days.

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