Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day One Not So Shabby...

My Daily Totals:  20% from carbs, 44% from fat and 36% from protein
Calories 1846 Fat 89.3Fiber 22.3Carbs 90.7Protein 164.4g

I logged all my food yesterday and basically had no snacks - just meals - although probably too much when all is said and done. From what I'm reading I'll need to up my protein even more and lower the fat a bit. It's a start - a learning process. I'll try again today. 

Yesterday I went to spin - which was AWESOME. I walked 10K steps and....drum roll.... I went to BODY PUMP!  It was hard, and I am sore and I know it was good for me. My knees are a little angry. One sequence of lunges on the platform was a little jarring so I'll need a modification until the knee is 100% or until I am strong enough to manage the moves. I know I should go at least 2 times/week to make it matter. I really can see how weak I've become and all the research points strength training over cardio for weight loss. This will be a win-win... 

I tried to get the tween to go with me, but she would have none of it and the teen is NOT interested in anything that might make her tired or cause her to work too hard... Opposite of whatever I suggest is her norm. She's put on a lot of weight this year - gone up a full size and I worry for her - health and self esteem. I hope the summer will help her slim down. She'll be sailing and at camp for most of it.

I'm also worried about the DH. I told  him last night to make his mother's illness a wake up call and not an excuse. He hasn't been to the gym in days and sat and ate chips with his beer... while telling me he's trying... UGH. I nagged him about his apnea and his weight and his high blood pressure... and I told him that I want him to be healthy and that his family needs him healthy. DONE. Of course he immediately pins it on his job... More of the "If it wasn't for the stress and commute I would be fine" BS... Meh.

I can't force change on anyone. It's hard enough to create it in my self. 

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