Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I can do TODAY

There is no way I'm doing a 180. Nobody can flat out change on a dime. It takes time for new habits to solidify; it takes time to train the body and convince the mind that change is good and necessary. I am frustrated by my weight. I had high expectations for the hypnosis refresher and while it has helped so much with cravings, it has done little to affect my weight (at least what I can see at this point). I need to step it up. I need to see results. I don't want to be complacent and discouraged - I know what a little success can do for the motivation... I NEED THAT.  What to do?

OKL has worked for others - but it is not intuitive like my regular plan. I have to log and count and track... It will take work and I still have to get my head around that. One part that may be more easily adapted is the "no snacking" rule. Funny, but it's also a rule for the hypnosis plan that I've chosen to ignore. Therefore, TODAY I am not snacking. I am eating 3 meals and that's it. I can drink green tea or coffee with almond milk but NO MORE FOOD. If I can do it for a day, I can do it for 2 days and then maybe even more.

Change is hard. Weight issues are hard. I felt like I had conquered them 2 years ago and here I am - not back at square one, but faced with extra unwanted pounds. I know now that it will be part of my life process to remain vigilant; assess and adapt hoping to never let it get to this point again. I am worth whatever it will take to get this done.

SPIN at 9, Bodypump at 6, Bike ready,

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