Saturday, July 04, 2015


I'm sick of "trying" ... It's high time I committed to "doing". I am thrilled with my 2 week BP streak & I also got a bike ride in this morning - even though I am more sore today than I've ever been. I need my Aleve! 

I am so frustrated with my weight. I know I have to be patient. I know I have to give my new strength workouts at least a few months before I'll see a difference. And yes,  I need to stick to an eating plan - specifically portions- and keep my eye on the prize. 

Doctor's appointment Monday for my thyroid & hoping for a little insight - new ideas for how I can kick start this body of mine. I'll still don't think I'm right. I shouldn't be so wrecked /exhausted after just one workout?! I can do it/finish strong, but by early afternoon I feel like I can't function or keep my eyes open! It will be really disappointing if I get the "you're old" speech...

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