Sunday, July 05, 2015

What the Day Will Bring....

It was a good strange 4th. Enjoyed friends and family.Went swimming with the little kids-mine actually got along all day. It was fun - and exhaustingly! I ate very well -chicken, salmon, asparagus. Veggies, a little hummus, a little dip. No chips, no sweets... Vodka, muddled blueberries, mint, lime aid and soda.My only other  treat a shot of Bailey's in my coffee...

I tried to get a good sleep - woke up at 6:30 - late for me and read til 830... Walked the dog, ate fresh eggs, cheese and spinach ( we're chicken sitting for the week) and a couple slices of bacon. Fed the cranky cat and changed his box.

The tween woke grumpy and a little rude- I had asked her to change her sheets! The teen is still slumbering and I pray she'll be in a better mood than her sister.

My body is aching, my back feels like it could head south at the slightest misstep. I'd really love a down day, but I don't think that will happen... The teen is too high maintenance and the tween wants to escape to her friends house. Oh well....we'll just have to see what the day will bring.

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Wendy said...

Hope your day went well and your back is doing better today. And... !!! chicken sitting!!! I am jealous, and eager to hear all about it. Please share! And post pics :)
Oh, and I've finally updated my blog today, stop by when you get a chance? Thanks for your comment over the weekend, it's nice to be missed.