Thursday, July 23, 2015

Five Weeks of Body Pump...

Today I completed my fifth week of Body Pump. Observations are:
- I'm not as sore the day after;
- I can do more push ups;
-My posture has improved;
- I've increase my weights - started at 2.5s and 5s on the bar and 5 lbs for biceps/triceps; and now I'm up to 7.5s on the bar and 7.5s/8s for biceps/triceps;
-My knee (the one I hurt Memorial Day) still gives me pain kneeling and doing lunges; and
-I can almost finish the workout as taught, though I still need work on shoulder press, lunges, and push-ups (on feet vs knees).

I guess I'm satisfied with my progress- I certainly don't regret starting this challenge, but it sure isn't easier. Each BP morning it's hard to get up and the impending workout brings me dread more often than not... I do like how I feel when I'm done and I've made Starbucks my post workout reward so I have that to look forward to... I really want to keep this up as long as I can. Strength training is important!

As for my weight... meh... I honestly don't think I've lost a pound all summer and it's a little discouraging. I eat well (albeit too much), and I rarely eat anything "bad", although I had movie popcorn last night for the first time in MONTHS and I regret it.... so addicting...

I know once fall starts, I'll be back on a regular schedule and more focused on structure and meals, so maintenance right now is my goal and I'm meeting it. I am curious if my shape has changed and I'll pull out the Prana pants and snap some pics to compare to the ones I took in May.

One more week until the Pan Mass Challenge... I am a little scared about it, won't lie, but I'm doing it and that means something!

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