Friday, August 07, 2015

Craigslist Lover

I borrowed my brother's truck and the DH and I picked up our new "craigslist" couch last night. Basically a brand new $2000 model for just $200!  I LOVE IT!! My car busted on the way back from dropping the truck so I'm car-less today and riding the Vespa.

Yesterday I had a massage - the first in many years. It was great - not a big fan of Massage Envy necessarily, but no complaints. I'm sore today, and still tired even though I stayed in bed til 6! I'm giving myself a recovery day with no exercise (other than my steps). I hope it will help. I let myself get too hungry yesterday and "deserved" fried clams, onion rings and soft serve... Not WHOLE 30 obviously. Meh. Today will be a "do over" Maybe that's why I feel like crap!!

The DH and I are going furniture shopping today. We'll keep the grazing to a minimum and I promise to choose better food! I miss my girls a little.

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