Friday, August 28, 2015

Pretty much without even trying...

Here's a snapshot from yesterday's journal. I've decided to track again in Fitbit, eat well and keep the calories around 1500. I won't bore you with the details of my meals, but they were ALL healthy, and aside from the cream I put in my coffee, I'm happy with how it went.

Now I need to string a bunch of these days together and see what happens.

Today I am home with the girls for their last day of summer. We have a haircut on tap and that's about  it. Maybe I can talk them into going to the pool? Tomorrow I'm running with my sisters. It has been a while - months - since I've run and my knees are so angry from squats, I hope they'll hold up. The Body Pump made such a difference in my cycling, I'm curious to see how well I run...

This morning I am making meals for the freezer!  I am not going to let the produce I bought rot in the fridge!

Lastly, my Thursday Body Pump instructor was chatting before class yesterday. She teaches 12 classes a week, not all BP - but still pretty high intensity. I'm thinking there's NO WAY I would be able to even do 12 classes, let alone teach them... She went on to talk about how she's been gaining weight, and that it always happens when she increases her schedule... So I'm thinking about what I've read lately here - that intense/frequent exercise increases stress on the body producing cortisol promoting weight gain. It's making me think that my current schedule of 2 BP sessions, one Spin and typically one workout with my sisters is good. I would also like to add a yoga session which is shown to decrease stress, lowering cortisol levels.

So here I go - not much fanfare and yesterday as I looked at my totals I was actually kind of surprised. I wasn't hungry at all, and although I might have had a snack... I opted to go to bed and read - a far better option.


Wendy said...

Totally agree on overdoing exercise!!! In a gym setting there are a LOT of people doing that, and it's easy to get sucked into the idea that (a) it's good and (b) you need to be doing it, too. It's not, and we don't. I think your schedule sounds good.

Also wow on those macros! How on earth did you hit 250 g protein?! At my highest protein day I'm something like 150g. What tracker do you use?

Wendy said...

This protein number got me thinking - you know, there are sometimes errors in the macro values in these apps. I see them all the time on My Fitness Pal, because they’re user-entered values and there’s no “proofing” of them. People will enter crazy values, either 0 or OTOH some crazy high number, where the value does not add up to the calories listed. Eg 0 grams fat for butter, no other macros listed, 100 calories. Doesn't add up. Or I'll see crazy high values for carbs or protein that, if you multiply it out, you'll see it way exceeds the calories given.

I think you might have one or two of these value errors in the foods you've entered, because the macros don't add up to the calories. Taking the macros and multiplying them out by their appropriate calories gives:
97 grams of fat * 9 calories/gram = 873 calories
48 grams carbs * 4 calories/gram = 192 calories
256 grams protein * 4 calories/gram = 1,083 calories

This adds up to over 2,000 calories - which I doubt very much you ate! And it’s not the 1,343 that the app is showing you. Just for what it’s worth; I would want to know if my values were way off, skewing the numbers I was looking for.
All best.