Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I am sick of trying - I have to DO this. I have to stop the mindless eating.  I don't get it. Yesterday started off fine.  Yogurt, chia for breakfast, coffee. Lunch was spaghetti squash, mushrooms, spinach and goat's cheese. And then... Milk and a cookie, then an apple with sun butter, then another apple with sun butter and some almond milk.  What is up with that? There was no control. I FEEL FAT.

How was my mood? A little stressed perhaps and honestly over nothing much. I was asked to help with the craft fair at church. Last year I wrote a few press releases for the local papers, and made some posters to hang around town. No problem... This year OMG - the woman running this thing is certifiable! No fewer than 10 email have been exchanged about a single paragraph call for vendors. The poster I designed is being picked at and ... honestly it's tone - the voicemail this woman left about the poster was WOW... It got my blood pressure up.... alot.... So why am I doing this? I don't need this. I took the dog for a walk and just ruminated. By the time I got back I decided to let it be. If this crazy person can't back off then I'll just call it quits. I don't need it.

So today I went to Body Pump and ate 2% Fage with homemade jam and pumpkin seeds for breakfast. I'll do my best to stay on track with food, get my steps in and not fall into another mindless trap. I'm also considering a different hypnotist.... closer, a little cheaper, a different approach. We'll see.

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