Wednesday, September 23, 2015

No Excuses

Maybe I'm tired; I have a cold - my throat is scratchy. The kids are off from school...AND  I won't make any excuses for not going to spin today. I'm going to -  at a minimum  - take a long walk with the dog. I will go to Body Pump tomorrow. Yesterday I can't say that I was perfect, but I tried to get out of the house, did some gardening, read,  and I managed to NOT watch TV for any extended time. I took a long walk and ate decent food (minus the ice cream cone from Chick Fillet and the bigger than necessary portions). If I had to choose one thing it would be portion control because my choices for the most part are good.

Am I stressed? I guess I've been worrying - about my teens friend, a good kid with a lot of emotional problems and a messed up home life; and my sister with a serious, on-going health issue; and my DH who keeps talking in circles about his parents' health / living crisis; with no plan for action; and no intention of putting himself out to help -- if they even want it. His sisters are the same way, so I know it's not him. Obviously it's stressful for him and I know he's got crisis at his job as well so I'm cutting him some slack and trying to be the supportive wife. It's getting old. I think just getting outside is good right now.

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