Thursday, September 03, 2015

Making the most of a day.

I actually pulled out a productive day. I went grocery shopping - good food, meal plans, and sorted through my clothes - another trash bag to Good Will. My house is clean - or at least was until the kids got home - and I made it to a very awesome BP class last night with my favorite teacher. I upped my weights for nearly everything - to the point where I am SUPER sore this morning - shoulders, hamstrings and BACK... oh, my aching back. Lesson learned - My back is weak and overhead presses need to be done with perfect form always... That means less weight on the bar so the focus is on form and not weight...

Since I went last night, this morning I was home - which wasn't the best morning It's day 4 of school and the teen is falling into her bad habit of not getting up. This stresses me out a lot and I won't spend the next 9 months yelling/threatening/bribing. I hope she'll be up to the task next Tuesday when I plan to stay for the full class. I think I need to go, and let her do it on her own. I'm trying to give her independence / space and not hover... It's as much for her as it is for me. Breathe.

No new news on the bad news and I'm really just going through the motions. It is on my mind constantly,... waiting for confirmation of a bad diagnosis... ugh. The DH is occupied with his parents' ills and understandably, but I really can't think of them right now, and I certainly don't want to travel to see them right now or even talk about it. Mentally tired - trying to keep it positive and make the most of my day.

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