Friday, October 09, 2015


I have about 6 hours to go until my weekend officially begins.

The kids made it through another week of school... barely....I survived work ....and today is payday... phew!

The DH, back from his trip, is back to his old ways; no real changes and now I just need to stop expecting and concentrate on the things in my control - my behavior, my reactions, my responsibilities. How can I make things better?

I'm running tomorrow morning. I will probably need to plan a cold weather outfit since temps will be in the upper 30's *cringe* and not get out of the low 50's all day. It may also be raining!

We've got some chores to do around the house with number one on the list - filling in all the crevices where the mice have tunneled in. We have a field stone basement (its a 150 year old house) so its tough to keep them out when the weather turns - ergo THE CAT. But the damage is done and now it's not the mice, but the rain coming in through these tunnels to places that used to be dry. I have no idea what we're doing, so there will be a lot of DIY YouTube videos and several trips to Home Depot in my future for sure!

I think I'll make a pot of soup for the weekend. I have a butternut squash to use.... yum.

Just really looking forward to unstructured time.

I'm also excited for next Wednesday's trip to the new hypnotist! I am desperate for change.

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