Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Good to be Prepared

I always feel better when the laundry is done, I have meals prepped for the week, and a schedule on the fridge. WHY CAN'T I DO THIS ALL THE TIME??

I made a pot of broccoli soup. I washed and cut up veggies. I have a stash of pumpkin Siggis yogurt (yum) and bought my 5 oz portions of smoked salmon - my favorite "go to" lunch. I did ALL of the laundry, the oil man tunes up the furnace tomorrow, the dog goes to the groomers on Wednesday and the cleaners are coming this week! Prepared.

Aside from the usual stress my teen puts on me... my father in law is pretty sick and we may be driving to 10+ hours to see him... sigh. I hope he is better and that we make an actual plan to visit him and his mom with the kids; but I've at least lined up my mom to "babysit" if needed. Prepared.

Yesterday I did not give into cravings. I drank tea and went to bed. I need to do that again today, and tomorrow and the next....I am going to Body Pump this week even though I  have honestly felt like crap since Saturday night - head ache... fighting a cold/sore throat. I missed my steps Saturday and was off 1500 yesterday. I just wasn't feeling it.

I'm back on schedule today and I'll get steps in no matter what.

Hypnosis is having some effects. Mindfulness is definitely a benefit. I'm also thinking more often of losing weight and not just eating on plan and hoping to see a result. I'm watching my portions more carefully. I had sugar Saturday, but nothing yesterday. It's my demon... Shooting for day 2... But I'm prepared. I'm ready. Now I just need to put the work in.

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