Tuesday, October 27, 2015


No Body Pump
No sleep
Still feel less than 100%

The teen had a bad day. Then I thought she was better, so we went for a driving lesson last night. It ended with her crashing into my porch. The porch won, my car is sad. DH is pissed. It was an accident, I know that.... Sigh....Reheating coffee this morning, waiting for the furnace man - an hour late to the first appointment of the day - when the microwave makes a weird noise, sparks and won't turn off unless the door is open. This was NOT my plan for today.

I need to take a time out. I need to make sure I work out. It's easier to eat on plan when I'm feeling over stressed - so I'll consider that a bonus for the weight loss.

I am RESILIENT. This is the mantra for today.

My life will be challenging for the next few years...I know this. I'll make it.

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