Monday, October 19, 2015

Naked Wrist... Bad / Good Diet.... Unintentional Exercise... Commitment

I never recognized how obsessed I was with my FITBIT until it went missing Friday. I called every establishment I visited, searched the house and car and ... nothing. I am seriously bummed and even though I have no money, I'm going to BJs and buying a new one today. I NEED MY FITBIT!

The weekend was a blur and I'm sore.

Friday I made a yummy batch of chili - I used ground turkey (93%), with 1 can diced tomatos, 1 can rinsed black beans, 1 large shredded zucchini, 1 cup each of diced peppers, onions, carrots. The usual spices - chili powder, cumin, garlic, and my secret - a packet of onion soup mix. Everything browned and into the crock pot. Lots of veggies and no one knows. I served it with fresh cilantro, a little cheese , and a few pickled jalapenos. HEALTHY.... and then the DH shows up with the family bag of Fritos. So much for intentions - though I ate no Fritos.

Saturday the horse show... 4:30 a.m. wake up to 4:15 done... I sat for maybe an hour tops. Most of the time I was walking/holding horses or manning the concessions. The daughter had a good day - 3rd and 4th place in a competitive field. I was a proud mom. What wasn't great was my diet. I ate oatmeal raisin cookies - at least 6 little ones, 2 servings of Apple Crisp, and I drank coffee with cream. When I got home I had left over chili and a yogurt. Exhausted.

Yesterday I had a yogurt early and breakfast with the girls - an omelet with cheese, spinach and mushrooms and 2 slices of bacon. We went to church and then participated in the CROP walk - a 4.5 loop around town to raise money for the local food bank. It was another exhausting - COLD day outside, but there was hot apple cider, my dog was happy and we all got exercise - including DH! I ate leftover chili with too much cheese and then popcorn at the movies that night. I had a yogurt when I got home with pumpkin seeds... and then... gluten free cookies that I bought to "try" and ate the whole bag with a few glasses of almond milk. I didn't look at the calorie count, but I know they were full of sugar. I won't be buying them again.

Clearly I have ZERO control with sugar. Once I gave myself permission to eat occasionally, it just spiraled out of control. I need to reel it in...

I've listened to my hypnosis tape every night and I'll go again Wednesday for round 2 of 4. I think it has had some affect... I think it's taken me a few days to process, but now I'm feeling committed - like this weekend was the last sugar hurrah! I'm not eating any sugar going forward, choosing few fruits - mainly citrus and only plain or SIGGIS yogurt. No more popcorn or chips (I'd been allowing "Eat Your Vegtable" chips and I clearly can't eat ONE serving). I need to see some weight loss soon. I've really felt FAT and not in control. It has to end.

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