Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Another challenging day ahead. I didn't get much sleep last night. DH is depressed about the car, his parents, himself. It's obviously bothering me because I was up at 2 am for the day. The car is just a car, but HOW can a 5 mph crash cost 3K?  I'm going for a second opinion Saturday... It sucks. There is no way DH can handle 3K right now.

The dog is at the groomers. The kids have a half day of school.

I have my 3rd of 4 appointments today. I've been getting in my 10K steps but missed Body Pump, Spin and Running with sisters this past week. It a combination of apathy, commitments and life. I went to the gym yesterday and did chest/shoulders/tri-biceps and dead lifts for my back. I walked 2 miles, and walked 2 more when I got home b/c my second new Fitbit stopped syncing at the gym for some reason?!

I'm taking a long shower before I have to leave for my appointment. It will be the only time I have for myself today and I really need some self care.

Super stress kills my hunger so I'm on day 3 of eating well and on plan. I may even be dropping actual weight!? I am banking on some sort of loss with this investment I made into hypnosis. The fridge is stocked with good choices when I'm hungry and I feel confident that I can have a productive week in the weight arena... Finally. I need at least one bright spot on this dreary day.

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