Sunday, November 08, 2015

I Can Do This

I went to work. I went to Body Pump. It was really hard, mostly because the instructor is the best motivator...I'm sore in a good way. No run with sisters this morning. My youngest has a dental appointment early, and I was up til 11:30 last night waiting for the teen to come home post play so I needed the extra sleep. She really did a great job. She really had a great night, a stark contrast to last week's follies.

I have got to learn to relax. I'm having such a hard time making it through hypnosis sessions without being interrupted-dog, cat, people moving around at home...I have this constant feeling of being relaxed AND being ON GUARD, like this little person inside of me is keeping an eye out just in case. I'm sure it's some sort of PTSD from years of coping with my teen. I always have to be ready. I always have to expect something bad, over the top... That's why I can't focus for 20 minutes- it feels like an eternity...Maybe I have ADHD too. I just can't believe how hard it is... And I'll keep doing it until I can get it right.

I'm going to the play again tonight, this time with the DH, the little one and probably one of her minions. During the day today, I'll get my steps in, finish a few projects--- making flyers for the church craft fair...and do the grocery shopping. After last weekend I really just want to putter around -- do nothing important...

Tomorrow morning I want to prep food for the week. Roasting veggies, making soups, putting a plan together makes life easier... Makes it harder to go to Wendy's or Chick Filet....We're trying to get our finances under control - a constant battle... Shopping ahead, eating at home makes a difference in how we spend and save. More importantly it makes a difference in how we eat - healthy....

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