Friday, November 06, 2015

Little Hiccups

I was really looking forward to my day and then....
- the DH decided to go in late... 8:30-9 or so... ARE YOU KIDDING? That's 2 of my 7 hours!!
- the teen will be home right after school. Her call for the play isn't til 5. This means I'll be on duty.

So much for intentions, but I'll work with it. PLAN B: 1. Put on workout clothes and go to work. 2. Leave work at 9 for Body Pump. 3. Continue day as planned.  I'll pick up a salad at Panera's, schedule my fall "must dos", listen to my hypnosis session and take a LONG SHOWER... That should bring me to 2 p.m. when I'll be back duty.

I'm going with the flow. I'm going to have a good day.

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