Thursday, November 05, 2015


I went to Spin, Hypnosis, Therapy and then home. I walked the dog, made several “emergency” trips to the High School to bring the teen forgotten necessities for her performance this weekend. I pulled taco meat from the freezer and ran to the store for tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream… DINNER is served. I drove the little one to piano and church, picked up the teen, picked up the little one and was home by 8 – which felt like 9. I was EXHAUSTED. DH worked late. I never saw him. He slept in this morning.

I have a short list of “must dos” for today. On the top is to carve out 30 minutes to listen to my hypnosis session and to read another chapter in a book my therapist recommended on “Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder”. Meh, it’s hard being me, and I'm not going to let that get me down. SELF CARE.

I'm taking a real mental health day tomorrow so I can go to Body Pump at 9 and just focus on ME – a nice long shower… meditation, walk the dog, make good food… read for fun….I basically have 7 kid-free hours to do what I want because it's been a long week.... 

AND if I have the energy  at 2 p.m. when school is done, I may start the dreaded “raking of the leaves”, though the giant Maple still won't let them fall… I know it will make me feel good to NOT look at the yard in its current state and the DH is not about to make the effort.

The next few weeks are jam-packed, including a possible trip to PA so I need to do all  the pre-winter chores now, and put them off no more... I will not be fooled by a 70 degree day... Winter will be her before you know it...

I feel better when I’m making progress… moving forward. Today will be a good day.

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