Monday, November 23, 2015

Off the wagon...

It wasn't abrupt, more of a gradual slide... and I have to STOP NOW.

I confess:
- I haven't been listening to my hypnosis sessions as prescribed.
- I ate 3 mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins yesterday
- I ate 2 Nature Valley granola bars last week
- I craved SUGAR a lot
- I was never mindful of my hunger, just ate with abandon
- I feel awful
- I ate corn muffins and my stomach hurt, and I ate them again and my stomach hurt... HELLO?!
- I feel anxious a lot
- I am super resentful, pissed off, and disappointed with the DH
- I didn't like either child this morning.

I am going to the gym tonight or at a minimum getting my 10 K steps --- which I didn't do Saturday or Sunday!
I am going to SPIN Wednesday morning at 5:30. PERIOD.

Let's review. My mood is crap. My diet is crap. I feel like crap and I am super anxious and stressed. Aside for walking the dog around the block I have done no intentional exercise for a week... Is there a correlation? Hmmm...Time to get a grip!!

I'm getting my haircut Wednesday and buying some pants because nothing fits and I'm sick of being uncomfortable and unattractive in my muffin-top pants. I accept that this is my body right now. I will work to take better care of it. I will not fall prey to the Holiday F#$#@-its - Let's Wait Til New Year's plan of countless years past.

I'm dusting myself off and climbing back on the wagon. I want to be better.

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