Monday, December 07, 2015

A Focus on WHAT'S GOOD.

Last Friday morning I blew off work and went to Body Pump. It was hard and just what I needed. The teen went with my sister to NYC for the weekend so I had a little break which I spent making breads for a bake sale and attending a horse show all day Saturday. Yes, I was busy, but not having to worry about the teen gave me peace. It was a blessing!

Sunday morning I went to Body Pump again. There were 4 squat heavy tracks in the release, but it was good and I worked out hard - focused. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, picking up the teen, dealing with her transition stress and being over tired... and watching my beloved Patriots lose again. I guess that's not GOOD, but it was a somewhat normal Sunday afternoon...

WHAT's GOOD. I made it to 2 Body Pumps! I have Friday off this week - because I'm hosting the staff holiday party that night and I'm going out with my girl friends Wednesday night. This Saturday is my family's annual Christmas party.  Shopping is all but a click away... The Amazon cart is full and it's just a matter of coming to terms with the amount...The weather will be sunny and 50s today so I'm taking the dog for a nice LONG walk. It's going to be GREAT.

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