Thursday, December 03, 2015

Good Spin and it's not enough...

I have to do more... more Body Pump... any body pump... or strength training, and, more importantly, I have to reign in my eating. Case in point, I've been wheat free for 3 years and then... I decided I could have a homemade treat on special occasions... and then I ate corn muffins and yesterday full on apple cinnamon muffins... several in fact. I felt like each one was a golf ball stuck inside my stomach, and yet, it didn't stop me. I felt like crap this morning - and I still do. Can I stop it now? Do I get it?

I really hope I've learned my lesson... I can't go back. NO WHEAT.

And aside from the muffin issue I've been using food to combat stress when I should be out walking or writing or anything else NOT food related. The teen was up to no good yesterday and after a mini melt-down, I calmly ended the night with an ice cream cone from Chick Fillet. I even made a special trip (I wasn't "just driving by..." ).

I had a great Spin yesterday. I felt strong and I tried really hard to just be there, working out, spinning. I tried not to let THE LIST in... I tried not to let THE TEEN in... or the DH... I wanted to be mindful, focused on how I felt, pushing myself, living in the moment. It really is better that way.

Meditation Meditation Meditation.... I need to build it into my life. I want to learn.

For today, I will eat clean.

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