Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Reforming Good Habits

I can not have a bite... I can not have one piece.... For me this is a gateway to a binge or a reason for a poor eating choice. Clearly I love muffins and 'breads' and other seasonal baked goods. For 3 years I ate none of them, choosing to live free of wheat and gluten and I felt better (and looked better) for doing it. I don't know when that habit stopped being a habit, but TODAY it starts anew.

The banana bread is gone - I ate it for breakfast. It was a relatively small slice and it's sitting at the bottom of my stomach like a rock in a puddle. I had painful reflux for the first time months. Who intentionally does this to themselves and what is the draw of feeling like crap for hours after?I tell my self to "Remember how THIS feels right now, and THINK before you do this again!"

The holidays are here. There are parties and dinners out and baked goods galore; and no one has a gun to your head to eat what you know you should not or over eat or make poor choices. That doesn't mean you suffer - it means you choose HEALTH. It means you choose to love yourself again.

I will NOT get a case of the F-its! I WILL NOT.

That said, this is a busy week. I'm hosting the work party again this year, and we have our big - extended family party Saturday. The kids still have all their activities and I have a date with my best girl friends tomorrow night. I feel a little over extended, but I'm going to make it work. I want to make sure that I enjoy the best of the season --- getting together with friends --- and not fall prey to canceling fun events because of stressing out over less important things...

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