Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I know myself too well...

The morning plan was derailed. The intention was to clean for Friday's party - wash glasses, put away stuff, finish the laundry - then go to spin, then to the store, then home to manage kids, then out with friends. Instead the youngest needed a ride, the teen couldn't find her sweatshirt (a major catastrophe in our house), and the DH decided to go in late; so he was snoring away as I contemplated Plan B. I threw on clothes, drove the kids to school and went to the market. I had to stay for over an hour to wait for the pharmacy to open, but thoughtfully made a list as well as some executive decisions about Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews.

With the shopping and most errands done I SKIPPED SPIN!  I am a little mad at myself and I'll just have to make the best of the day with a very long walk and some push ups, planks, squats and sit-ups since I didn't go to BP yesterday either. I know my anxiety is high - parties stress me out big time, so why I would skip the one thing that would help me - I have no idea!

What causes us to do the opposite of what we truly need to feel better?


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