Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Party's Over.

I hosted my work's Christmas Party last night and, as my daughter noted: "You have a lot of weird friends". Yup... but they're my co-workers - not friends -  with a few exceptions. It was a stressful week knowing this was on tap and I didn't work out! I'm a little pissed at myself for avoiding the one thing that will make me feel less stressed. Instead I chose food and this is both puzzling, frustrating and frankly a little maddening. It has to stop. I don't choose to be FAT.

Another holiday party is on tap today and I want to make some better choices; avoid alcohol and sweets. Thankfully the absolutely delicious cake leftover from the party was eaten in the night by my dog. Plastic wrap and paper plates on the kitchen floor were all that remained. Thanks Agnes.

Back to steps, back to Body Pump and Spin and getting back on track... This slip can't keep slipping...

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