Monday, January 04, 2016


It's a NEW YEAR...

I'm STILL logging my food in MFP.
I'm STILL aiming for 10K steps per day.
I'm STILL running with the siblings nearly every Saturday.
I'm STILL loving BODY PUMP and strive for 2 classes per week.
I'm STILL not where I want to be weight/shape - wise, but I'm STILL not giving up.

I'm on DAY 4 of WHOLE 30. I have had NO dairy, NO rice, NO wheat... I haven't been shopping yet so I've resorted to eating more fruit than I should, and my one allowed "cheat" has been a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner. 26 days to go, and I'm doing this!

In April I turn 50 --- which truly blows my mind. I honestly don't feel 50... I hope I don't look 50.... I want to be in a better place emotionally and physically. I'll make it happen. I just have to get through the winter, my least favorite time of year. Three months of MEH to make the best of....

Mid February I'm going to Kripalu for some R&R.... The following week I have a concert - date with friends... And I'll just keep planning and looking forward....

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