Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Too Much...

Too much food... Calories 2,200 -  Macros -  Fat 52% / Carbs 26% / Protein 22%

Too many mindless snacks - the cheese sticks, the yogurt, the last banana... I wasn't hungry and it was completely unnecessary. Today is another day.

I wasn't hungry this morning so I didn't eat breakfast. I think that's OK.

I was really mad because the kitchen was a mess. The DH didn't pick up after his dinner; the little one baked and "cleaned up," but left her cake on the counter and the dog helped herself to all but the smashed plate and frosting remnants dried to the floor... The dishwasher was never started in spite of my nagging... *Good morning*

The bright side - No cake temptations and the teen actually got up and off to school.

The best thing about yesterday - sunlight. We went walking at the lake again and even though the teen was a mess after a stressful day; we were outside and it was good for us. Vitamin D...

A weather event is predicted for this evening into Thursday. I can only hope that we'll be on the warm side of the line and miss the ice and snow. The cleaners are coming and there can't be any delays.

I am going to really work on the eating plan today; mindful of calories and within my numbers. I'm considering a change to add a protein powder... It's so hard to find an unprocessed, dense source of protein that doesn't include fat... and I hate jerky. Adding a lower calorie shake as an after dinner *treat* may just fit the bill... I just need to make sure to find one with no sugar/fake sweetner.

My FitBit glitched yesterday. I got the wrist vibration signalling my 10K goal was met, but it didn't sync and showed my totals 2K steps... .89 miles... Even on the worst of days I do better than that! It seems to be working this morning....

I'll walk this afternoon with the dog in hopes the cake will make its way through... She doesn't seem at all phased by eating a whole cake. Weird and Gross.

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