Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Day ONE Review.

Macros:  43% FAT, 32% PROTEIN, 25% CARBS....Calories 1,721 (1600)
STEPS: 10,371

Overall, I am please that I didn't eat at night - I went to bed. I got to the store for unflavored Whey protein, tea and 85% cacao chocolate. Today is a fresh start!

A few slip ups... pea crisps and a nature valley granola bar. I crave crunch and sugar... but hoping to reign that in today by peeling carrots to have on hand and savoring a few squares of chocolate at night - my treat! Today is an opportunity to do better!

I want to exercise, and I'll have to be creative since the kids have me pretty booked all day.

I was able to cross a bunch of "to dos" off the list yesterday and I'm set for a few more. The sun is giving me a lot of energy this morning (and the antidepressants are kicking in); hoping to sustain the momentum throughout the week. If the teen can hold it together; it will be golden!

1. Get to the bank
2. Finish the taxes
3. Pick up for the cleaners to come tomorrow!
4. Stay within calories - hit macros - 10K steps...

That's about it. What about you?

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