Thursday, March 17, 2016

W2/Day 3 - A Little Bit of Everything

STEPS: 12,428

Too many carbs, too many calories... Should not have had Coconut Bliss last night; should have gone straight to bed. Oh well. New day, new opportunity to do better.

Yesterday I managed to do a little of everything. I got one estimate for house painting, filled one bag with miscellaneous paper, filled one trash bag with clothes - mostly the little one, but a few of mine as well. I made a yummy soup for dinner and got my steps in. The kids are all set for camp. I even managed to rake a small part of the yard. A little bit of everything...

Today is my long day. I really don't like my job lately. I feel underutilized, unchallenged, and meh. Unfortunately I can't see myself leaving anytime soon - the benefits are too good and until my teen is out of high school I can't give myself to anything else. I want to find a way out of this mental funk.

And I am annoyed by the calories I'm eating!! They seem way to high to support my goals. I seem to have stopped the gains, but now.... how to spur the loss? What will change today?

No Coconut Bliss - yummy and OK on occasion, but not an everyday thing. Be more mindful. Go to bed...Keep the numbers UNDER 1500!

Aside from the obvious, today's goals include:
1. More raking... picking up sticks...
2. Another bag of clothes....
3. Pay the bills
4. Get to the gym!

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