Friday, March 18, 2016

W2/Day4 Friday and hoping for productive weekend!

STEPS: 11,454

It took some restraint, but I did it! I kept within my calories and hit my steps and macros in the same day!  Now I just have to string together a bunch of these days to see some real results! I can do this!!
I know once I get into a groove I'm good. I gain the confidence of NO, and with pants loosening I'll feel even more empowered. It will be nice to be in a good place for my birthday. What a nice present to myself.

Aside from taking good self care - I did nothing in the goal department - I was too busy shuttling kids and to be honest I was absolutely whipped yesterday afternoon and could barely keep my eyes open (I even took a nap in the car!) I hope today will be different.

1. do some laundry
2. general pick up!
3. clothes?
4. STAY ON TRACK... Weekends tend to be tough to stay within my limits. This weekend I'm making it a priority to keep focused!

I need shoes, I need clothes. I don't want to buy anything right now, but I'm going to have to stop wearing the same jeans 3 days a week... The warmer weather will help a bit - I have a few dresses I can pull off, but since we're supposed to get a foot of snow Sunday night who knows when that will happen.

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fitteratfortyish said...

great job on eating!!!! way to go! aren't you proud of yourself? and empowered?

re: the tiredness and nap - isn't it just too easy to feel these are indulgences? instead of necessities, that our bodies are almost outright demanding? :)